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Testimony from Ivan
I highly recommend him!

I have been going to Chiropractors since I was a child and know a good one from a bad one. Dr. Borisenko is the best doctor of Chiropractic that I have ever been to. He is an excellent chiropractor and has heart of gold. He really cares about his patients and goes out of his way to help people. If you want quality chiropractic care he is the guy to see. I highly recommend him!

~ Ivan K. ~

Testimony from Debrah
I am grateful to have met him!

I am an ordinary person who has suffered a significant amount of pain for over 15 years. About 16 years ago, I was involved in a car accident that left me in pain from head to toe. I went to a chiropractor for 7 years and had many MRI’s and x-rays performed on me. I have seen every kind of doctor imaginable. I have been through three Physical Therapy programs and not one doctor could help me. I met Doctor Slava Borisenko, D. C. ten months ago, and after three months of following his program as he instructed, my endurance has increased significantly, and my pain has been greatly decreased. I was able to go from working a 4 hour day to an 8 hour day. After 10 months of treatment, I live a pain free and active life and am in the best shape I have ever been in. Doctor Slava Borisenko was able to help me because of the knowledge he has in 3 different fields. He coached me in chiropractic, physical endurance exercises for core muscles and proper nutrition. I am grateful to have met him and would strongly recommend him to anyone who is ready to live a pain free and healthy life.

~ Debrah ~

Testimony from Michelle H.
Dr. Borisenko is great!!!!

I saw the chiropractor ad on fb and thought to myself...I really like the area and i would give him a shot in helping me feel better. When i called and set my appointment, he was very sweet and kind soft spoken and good in nature. He asked me questions pertaining the current problems i was having, gave me a date and time to come in and see him. When i got to his office I was greeted by also a very soft spoken kind and sweet spirited lady. She helped get all the required paperwork i needed to fill out. When the doctor came he was very informative and thorough of my exam..head to toe and made sure i understood everything that was going on and the reason for each part of my exam.

If your like me and sit for long periods of time for work and still dealing with chronic pain issuse from past injuries..he is sooo the man to go see for your chiropractic care..he not only examed me and my issues which he took the time spent about 30 min and then exercises where done another 30 mins or more then my ajustments and educational material was given.

The service i was given by him and his staff was over 5 stars..i can say that i felt really good when i left physically and emotionally... He truly cares and has above the moon charisma about the service and care he provides his patients...
The bottom line of my over all visit is if your in pain or chronic pain, dont sit there with it go see him and do something about it he can help will take time for some of our issues that we have to be corrected, it didnt happen over night but he will sure meet you half way and get you feeling great!!! Office hours for Everett extend to 7pm on Tues and Thurs and hes available for Saturdays as well....he has a very flexable schedule....please do you body and spine a favor and see him..He's great!!!!

~ Michelle H. ~

Testimony from Patient X
I don't know what else to say other than thank you!

What I have noticed last couple of days since you showed me the squat with Hands way forward exercises. I can feel muscles in my hips working like I used to do when I did competitive body building with 135 pound plus squats. I competed at 122 pounds which was heavy weight. I loved it. In 1985 I won a first and a third place. I so appreciate that you're helping me to do. I feel like an old lady but with these exercises I feel refreshed and renewed. I don't know whatelse to say other than thank you and I hope I can continue my therapy.

I have belonged to six gyms and now yours in my lifetime and 4 yoga studios. I currently belong to Covington hot yoga. I love it because I'm always cold and I am really hoping with your coaching that I can get back into the swing of things. I love doing power yoga it is awesome! You're the best chiropractor I have ever met! The amazing thing is, as I have told my husband, I have gone full circle from when I broke my back when I was 10. When my horse through me off and my parents took me to Dr. Pettibon and here I am again with you and Dr. Pettibon. And actually chiropractic is truly not what you do it's bigger than that! As your sign says God does the healing! Bless you! Thank you for calling me from my Zillow ad. And my family told me how great you were and always I wanted to see you but it just wasn't the right time. And when I saw my brother Andy the other day he looks so fantastic I knew I needed to do this.

~ Patient X ~

Testimony from Amanda
He's given my mom her life back!

He's given my mom her life back when no one else could figure out what to do for her pain. Slava is a caring, good person. There are several people that rely on his care to heal and to get by each day and he really takes care of his patients. He is not only a chiropractor but a spinal doctor, so if you've not found answers elsewhere, he might be able to connect some dots that other doctors have missed. I also get adjusted, after being in a car accident. I can see the difference in my spine and posture after coming consistently. They also have incredible massage therapists. My mom and I love Terrace. We actually just love Slava and his office. We can't thank you enough!

~ Amanda E. ~

Testimony from Kevin M.
Thanks, Doc!

This clinic is much more than just another DC. The tools they use, how they care about your overall health and the time they take is truly extraordinary. The staff and Doc truly care and are really gifted and knowledgeable. I have been to many clinics over time and this one is the best I've found. Thanks doc!

~ Kevin M. ~


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