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Car Accident

A patient came to our office with complaints of a headache, the neck pain, and lower back pain that started after a Car Crash that was in December of 2018. This patient was treated by a Chiropractor for 3 months. Attending Chiropractor did not take x-ray studies to asses injuries and treatment consisted of Chiropractic Adjustments and Massage Therapy only.

This Patient reported that pain subsided after 3 months of treatment however, after about one month without a treatment pain came back and now it is worse than it was after the Car Crash.

We took this patient's cervical x-ray and found that cervical spine (neck) has a 100% loss of curve. This caused abnormal weight distribution on the spinal joints, ligaments, and muscles which in turn fatigued causing pain. Examination showed abnormal work of right Cerebellum and Left Cortex (Brain) which caused abnormal reflexes which are causing pathological spinal compensations also contributing to fatigue and pain.

We designed personalized rehabilitation treatment using The Pettibon Treatment Protocols for this patient which involved home and office core muscle strengthening exercises, neuro-muscular rehabilitation/exercises, Pettibon spinal manipulations, and nutritional support.

The left film is pre-treatment a 100% neck curve loss after a Car Crash (Whip Lash Injury) resulting in restricted and painful motion, constant headache, neck pain, lower back pain, and muscle spasm and tension.
The right film is an end of treatment showing restored neck curve with all pain and neurological symptoms resolved.


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